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For the moment ASAB Actuator Solutions AB, Norra Bruksgatan 2, 15533 Nykvarn,Sweden, performs service and support for Oden actuators . Asab Actuator Solutions AB is world wide sales organization for Oden actuators .

Send your actuator and get quotation for service.

E-mail support: oden@odencontrol.com

You can ask also your local Oden supplier for service and spare parts.


Oden Control AB ended production of old P series actuators during 2013. But we have still spare parts for old P series actuators,but no complete P series actuators. If you need parts just for your actuator, send e-mail with actuator type and serial number. If you need spare parts or whole the actuator with for example with linear unit, send us valve type,manufacturer and size also.


Oden Control AB • Norra Bruksgatan 2 • S-155 33 Nykvarn • Tel: +46 (0)8 767 76 57 • Fax: +46 (0)8-767 04 17 • E-mail: oden@odencontrol.com