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The Oden gear is a cog reduction gear, a unique technique, which comprises of just two gears and an eccenter. This technique can only be designed by modern CAD-systems, but is manufactured in a normal gear cutting machine or by plastic moulding.

This gear principle is used in applications which require high reduction ratios with perfect accuracy and reliability as in rotary/linear actuators, robotics, high performance electronic instruments and high torque industrial applications. The Oden gear is covered by patents world-wide.

Oden gear characteristic:
- High gear reduction (up to 250:1 in one step)
- High gear efficiency with low backlash (>90%)
- Low weight
- Compactness in a robust design
- Suitable for demanding environments.
- Chock-resistance and excellent stiffness
- Very silent operation
- No maintenance required
- Can be reversed and used as a step-up gearbox

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