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Oden Control AB was established in 1996 by Gustav Rennerfelt, a Swedish inventor, who has been designing and engineering special application gearboxes since 1980. The company basic idea was to design and sell on the open market gearboxes and products based on the innovative Oden gear system. From this technique the company started to develop a product range of electrical actuators.

Business concept
Our business concept is to develop, produce and sell products based on our unique gear techniques. We focus on three main product fields; electric actuators, complete valve solutions and industrial gears.

The electric actuators is used to control valves, mostly in process oriented industries. The products deliver extremely high precision, have low weight and are easy to install. About 3 500 Oden actuators are today installed around the world. Since 2005 we also offer complete valve solutions including actuator and adapter mounted on valve. Based on the customers demand we deliver the complete valve function, mounted and tested.

Oden Control AB also provides unique gear solutions for a variety of industries and applications. The solutions are either based on the cog reduction gear, Oden gear, or on the friction gear, Frej gear. These new gear technologies, protected by several patents worldwide, have become interesting for a number of different applications. Height control of tables, hospital bed adjustments, control of car seats are some examples of market areas.

In 2012 we started to develope a new V-series actuator model that was more in time technically. Old P series actuators were old fashioned and did not really meet requirements from industry. We had no ISO connections for valves and possibility to connect to new control systems were few. We had only 2 ways to control our actuators, digitally and with 4-20mA control signal. Today we have almost all required systems, exept Profibus,Canbus, Fieldbus and of course Hart, that is still very popular in industry. These systems will be added in our actuators in a future, even SIL 2 certification.

V-series actuators are now available and are tested in very many power plants, paper mills, waterworks and other industryes around the world. New V-series actuators are known for high accuracy and force.V-series actuators are even well known in a paper mill industry. Our Basis Weigth actuators with special valves from for example from Somas, Naf, Ramén, Metso and Högfors, will be great product in our actuator family.

Ownership and Management
Early in 2000 Oden Control went public, and the shares are traded on the trading market Aktietorget in Sweden with some 400 shareholders. Magnus Wik  is the chairman of the board in Oden Control AB and Harri Porttila is the Managing Director since January 2014.


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