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Oden Control AB electronic actuator stands for:
Simplicity, reliability, strength and precision.
Because of the high precision, we can help with a
solution for a better environment.

Thank you for year 2018 to all of our retailers and customers around the world. 2019 will be even more successful .


News: New Oden hydraulic actuators.


New upcoming product under development phase.

Oden hydraulic actuator with torque up to 1000 Nm.

Actuator body and gear is the same like in our V700 electric actuator.

For district heating valves, shut-off valves for water pipelines  and

different gears. Even for marine applications.



News: Oden actuators with linear units for pinch valves 


News: Oden V-BW ( basis weight control) actuators available now.

0,1° accuracy, 5000 steps at 90°, adjustable speed from 0,10°/ sec, small size and low weight. Many ways to control. Can be delivered by selected control valves from Somas AB, Rámen AB, Högfors OY, Flowserve or after requirements from customers. In this photo Oden V700 BW assembled on Metso DN 400 valve.


News: Our new V-series basis weight control actuators got a new color.


News: Oden V30L actuators . Smaller size, Speed 40mm/min ( when 24 V DC power supply and 65mm/min when 48 VDC power supply. Many times these speeds are enough for standard process control. We use step motor in this V30 model, that´s why actuator is shorter. Even price is lower compared withV30QL actuator. V30 QL ( with servo motor) max. speed is higher(400mm/min). Photo below: Oden V30L assembled on Schubert & Salzer control valve.

Oden V 30Q actuators with linear units assembled on Fisher valves.

Control speed 400mm/min.

Tanker refueling station

Photo below:


Oden V-series actuator assembled on RASON high temp.fluid gas valve.

This model with Harting quick connector. Photo below:


Oden V-series actuator assembled on KSB Nori 500 high pressure valve.

This type with Oden High temperature assembly kit.

You can find these  in several Siemens gas boilers around the world.

Our Oden electric actuators in action in Tec-1 in a power plant Riga. Latvia










New V-series actuators for basis weight control.

Ask offer for BW actuators. Smal size, high resolution. Speed adjustable from 0,10° / sec. 5000 steps/ 90°. This product is very popular , because of simple construction and nice price.Take contact for more information.

Click this link :More information about basis weight control by Oden V-series actuators:

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